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Lunar Islands
So, someone tasked me with making a business logo. I took too long to make it because life happened (hence why the is the first post in ages.) So I reused the geometric motif (which itself is based on Islamic Geometry) in that logo to make a map of a fictional universe setting.

The seven moons are based on a clay tablet that depicts the world as the Babylonians saw it, albiet very loosely, and using different sources on what the seven islands in the original tablet were supposed to represent.

The giant in the middle, called Anshar, represents the placement of Babylon.

- One the edge of the entire layout is a lunar body that can barely be seen, the island where the 'bird ends not his flight' i.e. is impossible to reach.

- The earth-like body most enveloped in light is the island where 'the morning dawns'.

- The one opposite it on the same orbital line is the island 'where one sees nothing' and the 'sun is not visible', it and it's much more earth-like twin maintain the same position around Anshar year round. Plausible? Eh, prolly not.

The first three islands referenced on the tablet are much more certain, while the upcoming ones are a bit more speculative as far as my knowledge extends.

- The bright asteroid, on the the inner orbital circle, is inhabited very consistently and a hub for people travelling between the moon, the island whose 'light is brighter than that of the sunset or stars.'

- The white crescent moon was supposed to represent the island 'where a horned bull dwells and attacks the newcomer', but I really had no idea how to represent this other than making it a sterile and unnatural white compared to it's more vibrant looking siblings.

 To my knowledge, there is no known description of the last two islands, so I just stuck some very colourful looking large asteroids there, along the same orbital axis as the bright asteroid and the pale beast planet. Again, is it plausible? Prolly not. Who cares.

 May or may not post world-building notes if there's more art I put up related to this.
Snake Cake
Commish done for a friend, meant to be fairly simple and put on a flag. Not terribly detailed. I think I need to do something to bring out the big guns, some of the stuff I'm trotting out feels... not enough. Black ink on printer paper, then scanned digitally.
Animation 2
This was basically an exercise to prove to myself that I could animate at least somewhat smoothly at a slightly higher frame rate. Of course I had to make it difficult for myself by making the bastard multi-jointed. In this case it's 72 frames at roughly 12fps (can't remember exactly).


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Nice art man.
MisterDuckerDude Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!
MKCVXIII Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011
hey! good artwork and great talent! Love your pics, here's a “watch” for you!
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Whoah, thanks a bunch. Much appreciated.